IRC also requires at least 21 inches of clearance in


In my bathroom sink and bath and also keep my toilet seat down and bathroom door closed. Is the toilet commode facing E or W is bad? Full bath in North is ok but if there’s a toilet in that bathroom then. For SE toilet you can apply the remedies mentioned in the very same article. Do not forget to install the door which opens out into the hall as the door that opens into the under stairs toilet will hit either the basin or the toilet. IRC also requires at least 21 inches of clearance in front of the understairs toilet bowl. How to use space under the stairs as a toilet: In small apartment it is good to utilize this place as a toilet, which serve the purpose of guest toilet. Hi We have a toilet in the east of our rented house. Try not to use it as a toilet, however, you can use it as a bathroom. Hang a curtain of appropriate color or place a partition such that the toilet isn’t visible via entrance. The master bedroom should be in SW and that toilet can come. I can see that there’s a toilet in SW and NE of the house and that may lead to stability and growth issues respectively. In the first image you’ve marked the entrance as NE facing hence considering that means there’s a toilet in NE of the house near the entrance. The tips 1st to 8th are general bathroom tips (which can be applied to any bathroom or toilet); number 9th to 13th are direction specific feng shui bathroom tips. Hello, my toilet is in southeast and kitchen in northeast. You’ll need at least 7 feet, except above the toilet, where it can be as low as 6 feet 8 inches. Is the toilet right where the stairs end? I understand that bathroom or toilet on top of the main door is not good but what about washing machine? The toilet pan facing east-west. But hey, a bathroom or toilet have to be somewhere in the house. Toilet bowl located in front of that window. I believe you’ve doubt regarding the toilet in North side of the house. As for the sink, a small one mounted in a corner opposite the toilet can project just 11 inches from the wall. Hi i have a toilet in northwest and shower in west. The toilet bowl is above the kitchen aisle and not directly above the stove. The toilet is upstairs facing the stairs. Always keep this toilet fresh and clean. Alright, so we’re in the article that’ll reveal to you – general and direction-wise – feng shui bathroom and toilet guidelines, rules, regulations, concepts and remedies. Hence, if “Qi” enters the bathroom (read as bathroom or toilet) then rest assured that it’s flushed right away out of your house and that’s what we certainly don’t want to happen.